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Your direct path to customer loyalty.

Discover the shortest distance to consumer loyalty.

Consumer marketers understand that today’s consumers are more fickle, more demanding, and more in control than ever before. Whether your best customers are in your store or on the device of their choice, they expect recognition and rewards delivered seamlessly through every customer touch point.


Enter Reward Paths. Our fast, nimble, and flexible loyalty platform delivers unprecedented speed, control, and value to build custom reward programs and loyalty solutions that increase customer value, retention, and advocacy. Discover the shortest distance to consumer loyalty- call Reward Paths today.

Our approach

While loyalty providers proliferate in the marketplace, most come in one of two flavors: massively expensive consulting and technology providers, or inexpensive web or mobile-based platforms with no consulting, design, or analytics support. Midmarket consumer brands often find themselves without an ideal loyalty solution.


Enter Reward Paths: we fill the void created by the lack of a truly flexible, customizable loyalty solution for the midsize consumer sector. Our approach: proven program design, operations and rewards expertise, smart communications, and affordable, best-in-class technology. Call us today and begin your journey to consumer loyalty.

Our platform

If your loyalty technology platform is too cumbersome to run, too expensive to maintain, or unable to foster profitable customer behavior changes, then why bother?


While there are dozens of loyalty management systems, most are either designed for large enterprises with big budgets, or are "black box" solutions with only a limited set of capabilities.


Enter Reward Paths. Incentive Control™, our technology platform, is a robust, nimble, and affordable loyalty management system that adapts seamlessly to your business needs. Incentive control works with your existing database, sales, and customer management systems to enable any loyalty program design- with points, rewards and incentives, reward catalogs and redemptions, analytics tools, and even reward auctions capabilities-in a fast, secure, affordable, and flexible cloud-based environment. Call us today for a free demo.

Reward Paths suites include


    Experienced and affordable loyalty program design and consulting services that can help you navigate your way down the optimal B-to-B loyalty path.



    Our suite of analytical models and data-driven design tools designed to help uncover the unique customer DNA that delivers superior program results.



    Our affordable, transparent and customer-friendly reward sourcing and design services deliver compelling, unique and differentiating reward content.



    Our cloud-based, best-in-breed loyalty and reward management system offers unprecedented choice, flexibility, and control.



    Our communications strategy and design services deliver customer engagement across web, print, and mobile channels to drive superior program results.