It’s 2023 – time to up your loyalty game

Reward Paths

The new year is the perfect time to inject some new life into your customer loyalty program. After almost two years of pandemic restrictions, interruptions, and disappointments you can bet your customers – like the rest of us – are keen on some new and novel experiences.

If you’re feeling like your incentive program is getting a bit stale, or you’re not quite getting the engagement you’re after, our latest launch could, quite literally, be a game-changer for you.

Instaprize is a digital sales promotion platform that uses gamification techniques to unlock fast and affordable customer engagement and increase brand awareness.

It’s already being used by leading multinational brands including Pizza Hut, GameStop, Ford, Kellogg’s, Disney, NBC, and GSN, and now, we’re giving you the opportunity to add your name to this list of firms with loyal followings.

If you’re keen to inject a bit of excitement into 2023, come and play with us…

Gamification in the loyalty sector

Gamification is the use of game-design elements in a non-game context. For example, you’ll often find gamification used in educational curricula, staff training programs, and fitness apps, to name just a few applications.

It’s a fun and proven way to motivate people, increase engagement and extend relationships. The exact outputs you’re looking to unlock through your customer loyalty program.

Bring your A-game with Instaprize

One of the reasons game-based promotions are so effective is that they give consumers a dopamine rush which, when used consistently, increases brand interaction and loyalty and boosts sales. This is because people who enjoy your game are more likely to play it repetitively and feel positively towards your brand.

When you gamify your loyalty program, you provide consumers with another reason to purchase more frequently, spend more, or cash in loyalty points for rewards. The mechanics of the approach capitalizes on well-known attributes of the human psyche including reward-seeking behaviors, innate competitiveness, and – every marketer’s favorite – FOMO (fear of missing out).

As well as incentivizing more interaction with your brand, gamified marketing techniques can provide your business with rich, actionable customer data and insights to help you find new or better ways to connect with your target market in the long term.

Game-based promotions also offer:

Instant and consistent gratification

Instant win games are fun and easy to play and, when used appropriately and regularly, can build trust and loyalty.

Fast, fuss-free promotions

Using Instaprize, your business can create and launch game-based promotions for customers and prospects quickly and affordably. Using one of 60 promotional game variations which are immediately available and ready to be skinned with your branding, you can go live in minutes if you need to and have instant win prizes delivered immediately.

A huge variety of promotional options: Instaprize developers are constantly expanding a range of flexible and entertaining game mechanics to suit any customer context. There’s no technical integration needed. Simply click, deploy, relax, and enjoy the return on investment.

Multiple consumer touchpoints

Our platform allows you to optimize games for any device – mobile, tablet, or web – and across any customer touchpoint, including your e-commerce site, any social platform, mobile apps, SMS, email, and more. This flexibility means you can target your rewards specifically to your audience and offer genuine value to your loyal customers.

Everyone’s a winner

Not only are game-based promotions simple to activate and fun to use, but gamified marketing can also provide your brand with a unique and visual storytelling platform. Create games and tasks that align with your brand values and business strategy and you’ve got yourself a powerful vehicle to onboard and reward like-minded customers.

In addition, gamified marketing techniques, such as scratch and win tickets, have been proven to generate significant income for several Instaprize users, including the Volunteer Coast Guard and multiple AFL clubs, and Wheelchair Rugby. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Any business can use Instaprize

One of the best things about Instaprize is you don’t need an existing loyalty program to activate it; Instaprize is equally as impactful when deployed as a stand-alone marketing promotion.

Fancy a play date?

Relevant and reliable

Thanks to the fact it comes from engaged customers who make multiple business interactions with your loyalty program.


Anonymous transaction data will never be a match for personal, freely-offered information such as demographics, preferences, and purchasing behaviors.


The ability to connect a transaction – or other brand interaction – to a specific customer unlocks the ultimate insights.

Ready To Talk?

If you’re thinking of how to start growing your loyalty in the B2B sector, schedule your FREE and no-obligation consultation with our New Business Director, Glenn Shaw.

Glenn has worked in Loyalty Marketing across New Zealand, Asia, and Australia for the last 10 years, and is passionate about creating and delivering programs that maximize engagement and impact for clients.

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