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If your loyalty technology platform is too cumbersome to run, too expensive to maintain, or unable to foster profitable customer behaviour changes, then why bother?

While there are many loyalty management systems, most are either designed for large enterprises with big budgets or are “black box” solutions with only a limited set of capabilities.

Enter Reward Paths. Incentive Control™, our technology platform, is a robust, nimble, and affordable incentive and loyalty management system that adapts seamlessly to your business needs. Incentive Control works with your existing database, sales, and customer management systems to enable any program design. With points, rewards and incentives, reward catalogues, redemptions, detailed analytics tools, gamification and reward auctions capabilities. All in a fast, secure, affordable, and flexible cloud-based environment. Reward Paths programs are quick to market, very user-friendly, highly customizable and feature-rich.

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In addition to our Incentive Control platform, our Technology Solution includes the following features:

  • IT consulting and integration
  • Map and load routines for your data files
  • Hosted infrastructure with web access
  • Web design and integration services
  • Detailed reporting functions
  • Custom integration into Analytics Suite
  • Custom API and data feeds

Technology Suite services include a one-time implementation and program set-up fee that is specified and offered as a fixed fee. On-going fees include a flat rate per month for licensing, hosting, software and technical operations. Affordable, flexible, and fast: that’s Technology Suite.

We specialise in the following sectors:


Your business depends on demonstrating trust and commitment to your best customers. Reward Paths can help you find your direct connection to B2B loyalty.


Loyalty marketing isn’t about bribing consumers– it’s about demonstrating loyalty. Reward Paths can set you on the path to more profitable consumer relationships.


The first step in building loyal customer relationships is cultivating engaged, committed employees. Reward Paths can help you blaze new trails with employee reward and recognition programs.

Based on standardized MS SQL technology, Incentive Control includes a complete customer database, query and reporting tools stored in a secure, hosted environment with no expensive hardware required. Send us data files in virtually any format; we import them, apply program rules, and manage the entire back office operation in a cloud-based model. All you need is a browser and your imagination!

Platform modules include:

Loyalty Program Administration

Run multiple concurrent programs, and configure each program to use different rules, point values, and reward items. Client self-management allows greater freedom and shorter reaction times.

Member Administration

Track member details, create and administer member relationships to partners, and use client company structure to report member, store and regional totals. Store member information to deliver relevant offers.

Member Relationship Management

Log all member communications with call center staff, on your website, and through your digital and physical touchpoints to allow a seamless member experience that builds strong, profitable relationships.

Customer Relationship Management

Incentive Control’s Customer Relationship Management tools allow client reps, sales staff, and managers to log customer interactions, assuring your B2B relationships deliver enhanced value.

Points Transactions

Our nimble, flexible, and customizable points engine logs all points transactions for points earned, redeemed, transferred, or adjusted with date time, location, and references for any currency-based program.

Data Imports and Processing

Incentive Control allows for multiple format data import with configurable import specifications, scheduled FTP data retrieval, and processing to ensure that you can derive actionable customer insights.

Reward Item Administration

Manage reward inventory with our intuitive controls: set cost, margin, and sell prices for reward items; enable program-specific pricing; manage suppliers with automatic order processing.


Uncover member insight swiftly with our quick, sortable reporting functions. Perform graphing and mapping, automatic report delivery, graph sales data and identify trends and behavior.

Member Web Site Management

Create an engaging online experience and build relationships with your members by leveraging our user-friendly content management system for quick, real-time editing of member websites.

Financial Management

Keep your program in the black and stretch the perceived value of your rewards with our simple, nimble, and flexible supplier invoice management and client billing capabilities.

Auction Module

Create engagement, excitement, and fun with our state-of-the-art reward auction module. Run single or dual-currency programs and add gamification to your program with online reward auctions.

Survey Campaigns

Augment your customer insight by utilizing our sophisticated survey module. Run surveys to collect data on member preferences, Demographic and psychographic data for segmentation purposes.

Target Tracker

Set and display sales, behavioral or activity targets for your program members. Keep them up to date and allow them to track their progress and improve performance. Create healthy competition through shared leaderboards and reward success.

Technology Suite Features Include:

Relevant IT consulting and integration services

  • Standard map and load routines for your customer and transactional files from multiple sources
  • Complete infrastructure solution in a hosted environment with web access
  • Web design and integration services to get your program up and running in the fastest possible time frame
  • Standard reporting functions and integration into our Analytical Suite of analytics and reporting solutions


Security and data protection are vital. Our role-based security means that only those with a requirement to see data can access it.

Incentive Control is regularly security and penetration-tested, most recently by Spark NZ and Mastercard.

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